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Sometimes people surprise me with a nice message after they receive their order, wanting to share their experience and first impressions. Some of the Eyeshade ones can be pretty funny as people start to have some fun and watch the expressions of passersby to their newly transformed cars. These are some testimonials and fun quotes that have been sent to me:


·         Jacque G: "I love my Eyeshade.  My car looks a little like he may have done something he shouldn't have.....I wonder if I can get out of a speeding ticket if I let the officer know it's really not my fault..... Thanks so much for your work on these.  I really appreciate it.  It was hilarious to walk out to see an actual face waiting for me. Thanks again."

·        Graham L: "I've received my Eyeshade, and it's perfect! Thanks for helping "Bee" complete his "Transformation". My Eyeshade is definitely custom and very high quality. Also, it's fantastic to have a protective case to store it in. You have greatly exceeded my expectations and I hope that your company is very successful for many years to come."

·         Peter F: "I am thrilled with the Eyeshade you put together for me!  It arrived in great shape, and I couldn't wait to try it out.  "Jack" likes his new look, and it reflects fully his personality.  It fits very well, too! Thanks again for your efforts and attention to detail..."

·         Cleve H: "The Eyeshade looks perfect!  I know my wife will be thrilled to find it under the tree for Christmas.  I also look forward to showing it off to other MINI owners in the area. Many thanks!"

·         Sean L: "I've only been in a parking lot once since I received the Eyeshades, but have already referred two folks to your site.  They look awesome, thanks!!"

·         Kate J: "I LOVE my Eyeshade SO much! Thanks so much again!"

·         Lauren W: "Holy cow!  I love love love my eyeshades!  I put them on Lady the moment I got them, took them off just to drive to work and put them right back on when I got into the parking lot! I just can't help but grin when I see them on her...you did an amazing job!   She looks even more amazing with her eyes in! Thanks again for all your hard work!"

·         Holly M: "Thank you again Kristan for all your work on these. I can't see how it could fit any better than it does and I was really impressed with the case for it. Fits in the convertible boot perfectly."

·         JoAnn K: "I received my eyeshade! It is really, really (can’t say really enough) so cute! Everyone at work will get a kick out of it because my car looks like me! My husband loves it. He’s planning on getting a MINI next year, so he will definitely order one from you. Thanks so much for being awesome! "

·         Patricia R: "Awesome shade! Totally adorable!. Suits my Mini to a tea! Would recommend to friends. Have had heaps of positive remarks :-D Thanks Kristan!!"

·         Keith G: "Perfect transaction and professional product. Thanks!"

·         David L: "Made an awesome birthday present for my wife who absolutely loved it. The quality of the shade seems quite high, I think it will last a long time!"

·         Christopher P: "Kristan was very easy to work with, sent frequent progress updates, gave me a preview of what the eyeshade would look like, and finished the project quickly."

·        Chaquitta W: "My Eyeshades for my GPII, SMOKIE, are a hit!"

·        Tonya C: "I received my shade yesterday and it's fabulous! I just walked out of work and there were 5 people standing in front of the car talking about how awesome it is. Great job! I'm so pleased with it! Thank you!!!"

·        Mike Y: "OMG fantastic, so pleased with it, the car looks great, and the bag to put it in is an added bonus. What a great idea, nothing like it in the UK!"