Visor stickers, Set of 2 - Small - Caution Max Capacity 28 Clowns

Price $12.00

Seriously. This has been proven. Guess they weren't clowns, but close enough. 28 gymnasts were able to fit into a MINI Cooper for 5 seconds with all of the doors and windows closed, beating the last record of 27. Look it up. It's pretty amazing!

Visor stickers are made to cover up those ugly warning signs on the back of the visors. No one wants to see that as they are motoring down the road. Worse yet, who wants those things being displayed to the world when your visors need to be in the down position? Let's cover them up with something a little more tasteful.

Each visor sticker is approximately 4.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Note: This sticker hasn't been tested in all MINI models and years. Please be sure to check the measurements of your visor's warning stickers before purchase. R56 visor stickers in particular can vary in size. Listings for larger (7.5x2.5) visor stickers are also available in my shop.

Comes with 2 stickers.

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