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About Artistic Reflection

Hi! My name is Kristan. I like penguins and Chinese food. But not in the same way.

Welcome to ArtisticReflection.com. That's Artistic Reflection with no 's' on the end - an important thing to note!

I started Artistic Reflection as a one-person business, but in May of 2017 one of my best childhood friends Kayla came onto the team to help with answering inquiries and in June of 2017 my amazing and talented husband James joined the AR team as well. All of the art created here is done by James and I: From Eyeshades, badges, and decals to marketing and shipping. We run Artistic Reflection from my home-based studio in Colorado. It's the work that we do here that keeps us connected with what we love to do, and that is creating art for people to enjoy.

When art meets MINI…

It’s a good chance that you stumbled upon, got sucked into, or tripped over my website because you, like me, are a MINI enthusiast. You have mastered the art of glancing back at your car after you park it, roaring through twisty roads, and answering questions like, “Do you even fit in that little thing?” We MINIacs love our cars and we stick together.

When I adopted my MINI in  2011 it was love at first sight, devotion at first drive, and then obsession at first mod. The first art that I made for my MINI was the first Eyeshade and the first MINI-related graphic design that I did was some badge designing for my local MINI club. I found it strangely fun and addictive.

The terrible part was that MINI activities and especially MINI art had to take a back seat as I put my time and energy into a dreadful tech support job. I endured seven long years of having my soul sucked out of my body through troubleshooting broken simulators before I finally made the decision to break free.

Stick with what you love to do and success will follow.

On February 14th, 2014 I gave myself the best Valentine's day present and left my miserable technical support job to run Artistic Reflection full time. This was probably the most scary and best decision I've ever made.

With all of my focus on my growing company, I've been able to constantly design and make all kinds of customized products for my customers. They've rewarded me by coming back again and again and recommending me to their friends. 

So where did these silly car eyes come from?

It started as a result of the "mod bug" that MINI Cooper owners tend to catch. I had just gotten my Cooper S in early 2011 and it is true what they say - It's really hard not to go crazy customizing!

When I started creating Eyeshades, it was totally on a whim. I knew that I wanted some fun car eyes for my MINI and so I searched high and low for a sunshade with eyes. But not just any eye sunshade would do. It had to be blue. And the design had to be right. And it had to fit my car. And it had to last.

After a lot of frustrating searches around the internet, I had found out that NO ONE made sunshades with eyes on either thick or fitted shades. There were some sad, flimsy, bulk-created ones, but they were all one size and color fits all. Sure, they were cheap, but that's because they were built cheaply. I knew the next step was to make my own.

That first Eyeshade was not the best, but I’ll never forget how I made it. I spent the better part of a day sitting on the floor, bent over a shade I had bought from a MINI dealership. My first instinct was to paint. And so paint I did! It took me about seven hours. A big mess and a sore back later, I had some car eyes. I let it dry overnight and tried it on the car the very next day. The effect was exactly what I had hoped for. My car was suddenly alive and it didn’t look like anything else out there.

Excited about what I had accomplished, I had that thing in the windshield any time the car was stationary. I got a lot of positive responses from it, but the one thing that kept being asked was, “Can you make me one?” Dreading several more days of back-breaking painting, I knew I had to come up with a better solution.

That’s when a pile of experimental sunshades started to appear in my studio. I wanted to compare different shade styles (roll-up shades, accordion style, universal fitting, etc.) and see what I could find to be the best in terms of price and quality. Most of what I tried were duds, but then I landed on the custom-fit folding shades. Combined with nice vinyl prints, these shades were made to fit each individual car or truck perfectly, and were made to last. I had found my winner.

From there, I set up my shop to accept orders and, to my surprise, they started to come in. Rarely were two Eyeshades ordered to be the same as the ones before them. I had a fun time putting together each individual design. A huge reward to this was getting the occasional photo from a customer with their car or truck wearing his or her new eyes. It’s a great feeling knowing that people out there are enjoying my artwork. To this day I continue to make Eyeshades and the selection continues to grow!

Stuff that sticks!

You can't make something fun like Eyeshades without eventually sparking up some other car stuff. My shop has sprouted magnetic grill badges, decals, stickers, and stripes. I love taking custom orders for these and it's crazy what sorts of ideas people come to me with. Some of my best sellers started off as requests.

A little more about me.

I enjoy fishing, archery, animated movies, video games, and motoring with my car club, MINI5280 of Colorado. I was elected as club secretary January of 2012 through December of 2013. My MINI is a 2005 Hyper Blue Cooper S named Volly.