Angry Girl - Eyeshade

Price $195.00
This is an image showing the area of the Eyeshade graphic changed using your choice of eyelid color.Usually your car's paint color. Use the official color name if possible.
For example: Chili Red
This is an image showing the area of the Eyeshade graphic changed using your choice of eye color.
For example: MINI
Please be as specific as possible. For example: Cooper Hardtop F56
Rain, Assist, etc.

You've got yourself one of those angry cars. She's the one that shouts "Out of the way!" when tearing down the roads. Then, when she's parked, she spends her time glaring at passersby. Yeah, it's rude, but that's the way she is!

A vehicle with the Angry expression is giving everyone a warning look of disapproval.

Eyeshade Features

  • Fully Customizable - You choose the colors and expression!*
  • Graphic made with vehicle-grade vinyl
  • Art print adhered to folding, fitted, sunshades of the highest quality
  • Comes with a protective pouch.

*For black vehicles, we print in dark gray instead of pure black so that the details of the design aren't lost.

These are custom-made pieces of art, so please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery. When you place your order, your Eyeshade begins the production process. That means getting cut to the unique shape and size of your car's windshield, then sewn up, and off to printing. Your customized design is created on a car-wrap vinyl material, which is then laminated. This print is installed to your newly-cut shade before it goes to packaging. The completed Eyeshade is slipped into a protective storage pouch, boxed up, and is on its way to you!

Your car will never be so happy to get something in the mail!

Important - Please check the Sunshade List to make sure that your vehicle's template is available. If your vehicle is not listed, please contact me for availability.


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