Pillar Decals (R60, R61) Black Jack Front - Countryman or Paceman MINI Cooper - Set of 2

Price $30.00

The glossy black pillars of the MINI provide a perfect canvas for this unique decal. Dress up your MINI and accent with this Black Jack Flag design.

Choose your color for this decal! (White shows up the best. Matte Black is subtle, but looks really cool!)

Important: These pillar decals are ONE color only and have no background! The background is your pillar. Please choose your color accordingly!

Available colors:

White, Metallic Silver, Gray, Matte Black, Yellow, Golden Yellow, Metallic Gold, Copper, Orange, Soft Pink, Pink, Red, Burgundy, Yellow Green, Green, Dark Green, Turquoise, Ice Blue, Light Blue, Azure Blue, King Blue, Purple, and Violet

Color swatch can be seen in the example images.

Decals fit the following MINIs:

-R60 2nd Gen Countryman

`R61 2nd Gen Countryman

-Does NOT fit Coupe, Roadster, 1st Gen MINI, 2nd Gen Hardtop and Convertible, Clubman, 3rd Gen MINI, or Classic Mini

You'll get a set of 2, one for the driver side and one for the passenger side pillar.

Installation: Clean the surface thoroughly. Peel away the decal backing, and hold the decal by the edges. Carefully position, then press into place on the surface. Smooth, working from the center outward toward the edges. Carefully peel away the transfer sheet. Note: Apply in temperatures 45-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a soft cloth to smooth out the decal before removing the transfer sheet to help in adhering and to remove bubbles that might form beneath the vinyl.

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