1 Custom Sunroof Graphic for MINI Cooper

Price $150.00
Vinyl Type

Made to order to fit the sunroofs of MINIs, this graphic features your own design!

Please make sure to contact us before purchasing to make sure that your design is possible or for help designing/uploading your own graphic!

Comes in two pieces, fitted for each sunroof section.

Choose your vinyl type:

The printed and laminated graphic is not transparent and will block visibility through the sunroof. (See picture.)
The graphic is best seen from above, but the design may be visible from inside the car during the day. 

The printed graphic is "see-through" from the inside of the car due to a grid of many small holes in the vinyl. (See picture.)
The graphic is best seen from above, but the design may be slightly visible from inside the car during the day.

Please note:
Installation by an experienced technician is recommended, but not necessary. Installation instructions are included. No installation tools are included. 

Peel off the backing, spray the sticky side with slightly soapy water and position vinyl graphic to your clean and non-waxed sunroof. Press firmly, smoothing from the center of the graphic outwards to remove the liquid and any air trapped beneath. Let dry and do not use any pressure washers on the graphic for at least 1 week. Wash normally with rest of car after 1 week drying period. Take care when cleaning and drying around the edges of the graphic to avoid lifting.

Disclaimer: This item is not a licensed MINI Cooper brand product. Artistic Reflection is not affiliated with or sponsored by MINI.

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