Caution Max Capacity 28 Clowns Badge

Price $8.50

Seriously. This has been proven.


Guess they weren't clowns, but close enough. 28 gymnasts were able to fit into a MINI Cooper for 5 seconds with all of the doors and windows closed, beating the last record of 27. Look it up. It's pretty amazing!


Badges are 3 inches in diameter and made with extra thick magnetic material.

If you're unfamiliar with grill badges, these fun and interchangeable magnets add a little more personality to your car. They can be attached to metal badge holders that connect behind your license plate or to your car's grill. Mix and match!


Need a grill badge holder? Single holders for the grill and double holders for the license plate are available! 


Disclaimer: This item is not a licensed MINI Cooper brand product. Artistic Reflection is not affiliated with or sponsored by MINI.

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