1 Badge Single Holder

Price $35.00

You've got the perfect badge picked out for your MINI. Now it's time to make a spot for it on the car!

Introducing the grill mounted badge holder! This little guy mounts right in your MINI's grill and creates the perfect spot to place your magnetic badge. It's easy to swap badges out too. Change out the badge depending upon your MINI's mood! Show off your style, your club, the event you just attended, or anything else you and your MINI have been up to.

The badge holder has a durable black powder coated finish and comes with a variety of screw lengths for different grill thicknesses. The badge holder is made from steel (with foam on the back to cushion your grill) and is ready to accept a 3 inch magnetic badge.

Important: These won't work on all MINI models. Please check your car's grill along with the information below to be sure you'll have success with installation.
Distance between the centers of the screw holes: 1 inch
Grill badge holder size: 3 inch circle

INSTALLATION: Most MINI Models will require the grill to be removed for installation. Please be aware of the process for your individual model and grill type. The grill badge holder mounts through the holes in your grill. Choose an area where the front and back pieces will be parallel to one another. Insert two screws of equal length through the holes in the 3" circular front piece and into the car's grill. Be sure to use screws that are long enough to reach and thread into the back piece, but not so long that they protrude too far through the back piece. Thread and tighten the screws into the back piece that goes behind the grill using a Philips screwdriver (not included). Tighten the screws equally and make sure not to overtighten or you may crack the plastic of the grill. 

GEN 1: Congrats! This is the easiest one. The grill does not need to be removed as the back is accessible once the hood/bonnet is open. You may need to install the holder in a place away from the verticle grill ribs and with the screw holes positioned horizontally as seen in the example photo with the blue MINI.

GEN 2: You will need to remove your grill in order to install the badge holder. On some Gen 2 MINI's, the 4 black plastic rivets come out, the lower trim pops off with a bit of force, and there are a few giant "squeeze tabs" behind the trim. Once those are released the whole grill comes off which allows easy access to the back so the badge holder can be installed. Please note: on the 07+ 2nd Gen Cooper and 2nd Gen Clubman (Cooper S does not require modification) hatchbacks, the stock grill requires that two holes be drilled out to allow the two screws to go through. 

GEN 3: Please check carefully to make sure the grill badge holder is likely to fit your 3rd Gen MINI. Some models do not have sufficient space for a badge holder and some models, such as the electric MINI, do not have grills with holes for mounting a holder.  The 2022 and newer 3rd Gen MINIs have grills that are too small for the holder to rest within.

Other kinds of vehicles: Will it fit? Maybe! Just be sure that your grill can be accessed from the back, has holes that go all the way through, has a back surface that is parallel to the front, and that the holes where you plan to place the holder can accomodate the 1" spacing of the screws that need to pass through it. The front piece that will hold the grill badge is a 3" circle, so also make sure there is enough room for it.

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